Hey guys, 

I’m Chana and I am a… creator. I came up with this idea a couple months ago and felt like now was the perfect time to bring it to fruition. The plan was to start a conversation about love. You may be asking yourself, why? My answer is very simple. It’s my favorite topic and I’ve noticed how people seem to be so fearful these days. Again, why? I blame it on society. It’s not exactly “cool” to be all in love during a time when people are frequent users of hookup apps and have accepted the phrase “Netflix and chill” as a normal thing. 

More recently and much to my surprise, I have regained some hope in our generation! I find that there are actually young adults, like myself, who are willing and ready to go deep. They’re ready to talk about the ups and downs of the topic everyone hates to admit they love deep down inside: love. 

Please join me on this journey to reach into all aspects of love through my own and others’ journeys, opinions, ideals and ideas on the subject. We will go deep, no filters. 

Check this website for updates and feel free to join the mailing list below. 

Spread love, always, 



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