Setting Boss Goals

I’m a girl that loves to do-it-myself! Therefore, I’d never put my whole self into any retail job I’ve ever been able to keep. I just knew that working under manipulative managers who didn’t really give a damn about what I wanted to do with my time wasn’t for me. I could never allow myself to become happy/content with making minimum wage for a multi-million dollar company. And besides, I had dreams!

Fast forward to 2015. I read a lot of self-help books to try to find the inspiration and motivation to execute all these ideas in my head. After a while though- I thought, what’s the point of reading all of these amazing books if I’m not going to follow the storyteller’s advice? If I wasn’t going to take action, these lessons and words of wisdom were basically falling on deaf ears.

So one day, instead of just thinking about all the success stories I’ve heard, I decided to set some goals myself. And maybe later I’ll be able to share my own success story. It all comes down to setting goals and sticking to them! No goal is too big to attain as long as you work at it daily.

Written by Chana


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