Habits to Drop to Yield a Better You

As the new year approaches and I get older, I now realize how limited my time here on earth is. I constantly find myself wishing I was one of these seventeen year-old girls that has her stuff together. However, there is absolutely no way I’ll be able to go back six years- so what’s my solution? PROGRESS RIGHT NOW!

My largest problem since childhood has been my habit of waiting until the very last minute to do something. Procrastination is definitely a way, in which I have kicked myself in the butt. In college, I knew deadlines months in advance but would not get started on assignments until a day before they were due. This only resulted in me not producing my best work because I never allotted enough time to the projects, though I was very capable.

Another way in which I learned I’ve sabotaged myself, was by being just downright lazy! For example, some mornings I would get up early, get dressed for the gym, and eat breakfast. That was it. Getting out of the house and actually going to the gym was what was missing in that sequence. I wanted to be there but didn’t have enough desire in me to make the trip there. Instead, I’d opt for a movie and a half-assed at-home workout.

Procrastination paired with laziness is the ultimate recipe for self-destruction. I have learned that you will get nothing done as you wait and wait, all the while breaking your commitments only to yourself. I was aiming for better success and a better lifestyle but I wasn’t doing enough. If you can do things such as make it to work on time, you should learn how to create enough desire in you to do things for yourself. If you’re like me, you know how easy it is to just say, ‘f it!’ But with the way the world works- you must work hard to achieve any goal you set!

I remember long ago, I downplayed Kim Kardashian’s hustle but then I realized, yo! She’s only here BECAUSE of the work she and her team have put in to be able to remain in the limelight and keep the cash flowing in. No matter how grueling a task may seem or feel- it’s better to just do it because once you get it done, you’ll learn that there’s so much more you can get done.  With your hard work and dedication will always come results.

Written by Chana


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