The Road to a Better Me in 2016

Every December, I would sit at the foot of my bed and jot down the few things I planned to accomplish in the coming year. Each year came and went and in the end, I felt like I hadn’t achieved much at all. Perhaps it was because I had given all of my energy to the wrong things or the wrong people; maybe my goals weren’t close enough to my heart to motivate me to reach them. I have a feeling it was all of the above.

In 2014, I told myself that in 2015, I wanted to be happy. I created a list of things I could do that would make me feel good, brave, confident, and successful with as much or as little as I would have at the time. There was this excitement that came from the idea of being free-no rules, no fear-just me. Some of those things included a trip to one of the most popular spas in the city-I needed to treat myself; indoor skydiving-I needed to push myself to get past something I thought I was afraid of; perform on a stage, which is something I hadn’t done in ten years; I needed to get down to the very core of what I was most passionate about. Everything on my list was with reason and for my own happiness and growth.

Here I am in 2015 without all things crossed off my list, but most were. I included all things in my schedule as well as in my budget, this way if I didn’t commit- it would just be on me. I made the choice to make it all happen and going into 2016, I will add my unfinished goals to a new list that will allow me to grow even more in the coming year.

We must remember that it is all in the planning and, most importantly, in how seriously we take our need for happiness- no matter how hectic life can sometimes be.

Written by Essence Mason


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