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Hey y’all! It’s February!! Not only is it my favorite month because it’s when I was born, but this month is all about love. We’re showing love to/for each other and being super romantic. Not that people aren’t spreading love on the daily, but around this time, it’s magnified to the tenth power. There’s a lot of showing off and showing out for the highly commercialized holiday, Valentine’s Day. Singles, don’t be unhappy if there’s a lack of romance in your life, this ‘holiday’ isn’t only for lovers. Where’s that self-love? I’m talking romancing yourselves!

This month’s views, vibes, and feels are all about romantic love. We’re talking open relationships, singing along to those ‘I’m-so-in-love-I-could-cry’ classics, and reading about what you can do for your significant other and/or yourself this month. Go ahead and explore how we’re ‘ringing in the romance.’ There will be weekly updates, and new stuff coming full throttle like Cupid himself sent them. Be sure to sign up for the mailing list, like the Facebook page, etc.




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