What Does A Man Want For V-Day?

Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it and for those of you ladies who will actually have a valentine this year, you’re probably wondering what to get him. I’ve discussed gifting for men with many women and it seems to be one of the most difficult things ever. One reason may be because as women, we think of what we like when looking for gifts, and/or how we would feel emotionally from receiving them. We assume that men are the same.

To help some of you out, I reached out to a couple men who happen to be in different places in the relationship realm, and I asked exactly what it is that they would personally appreciate for V-Day. Here were some of the responses I received:

Jeramie, 29, Single 

“I would want her to buy herself something sexy to wear for me. I don’t care for nothing else on V-Day.”

Malcolm, 22, Dating

“Treat it like any other day. I plan to have a happy life so chocolates and sex will be pretty regular for me…If they were adamant, we could do something at home but I definitely wouldn’t want to be in a restaurant or anything.”

Will, 30, Committed Relationship

“To me, that day is more for women so I would only expect candy or a nice candle-lit dinner. I don’t want flowers or a teddy bear…I think if you have a woman that [really wants to buy her valentine] something for V-Day, the best gift is a gift a guy says he wants.”

Chavis, 28, Single

“I would want something romantic-spending time, going out and possibly making love.”

Terrance, 29, Committed Relationship

“Just a nice meal, movie and some sex. Or bowling. Can always go bowling.”

As you can see, men are a little more simple than most of us women think. Quality time, a meal, some love-making, and maybe even tapping into one of his hobbies will do. Knowing a bit of what he likes and keeping in mind the stage of the relationship the two of you are in can help you decide which direction you want to go in for your specific case.

Written by Essence Mason


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