Signs That He Has Potential

With Valentine’s Day nearing, you’re probably feeling the spirit of love all around you. Perhaps you’re dating someone and are wondering if he has what it takes to go from just your boy to your boyfriend. He may very well have potential and there are a few things that may help you confirm whether or not he deserves that special role in your life.

Does he make you a priority?

There is nothing like being high up on someone’s list of priorities. If he makes time for you, that shows that he’s willing to put in as much effort as it takes to make you happy. You don’t want someone who makes you wait for his calls or cancels plans after having brought your hopes up all because he has “better things to do.” The amount of attention and effort a man gives you will show you where you stand with him. If he’s not giving lots of either, maybe you need to look the other way.

Does he listen? Does he talk to you?

Knowing that you’re heard is always a good feeling, even if you’re rambling about small things. Someone who is okay with being there for you to vent to, get advice from and support you during special moments of your life is someone worth holding onto. It’s important that he equally shares part of himself because you want to eventually be able to be each other’s rock if you’re serious about things. It’s the start of a friendship within a relationship.

Does he treat you well? 

What woman doesn’t want to be treated like the queen she is? Respect, showing of loyalty, kindness and so much more is what you deserve as a person, first and foremost. If he can give you these and can make you smile more than he might make you upset, he may be worthy of the title. 

Giving him a try may be worth it if he is doing what it takes to please you. While this is true, paying attention to the level of consistency is also important. A person can only hold up their “perfect” behavior for so long. Taking time to see if he is showing you the real him is absolutely fine.

Written by Essence Mason


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