It’s Okay To Commit If Your Heart Tells You To

Love really is undeniable. Trying to fight it for reasons that, in the end, you know will never matter is pointless.

For long, people’s relationships have been affected by the thoughts and opinions of those around them. Right now, we live in a time where individuals are known to hold titles such as “the side girlfriend/boyfriend” and having one in your possession isn’t exactly looked down upon. While such phrases are being glorified more and more each day, the topics of real commitment, loyalty, and genuine love have become less talked about in larger contexts.

While there is barely any spotlight being shined on current, successful examples, committed relationships still do exist. What exactly is a committed relationship? One where two people know no other options in a land that offers many; when taking actions that are not always normal for them, and compromising for the sake of their togetherness is not an issue for them; when they aren’t afraid to give themselves to a story that hasn’t yet been given an ending.

I’ve committed myself to someone in the past and even though things didn’t end how I would have liked, my willingness to commit has not changed. If you believe in love, understand that if your heart tells you to commit, it’s completely okay. Fear is often expected for one who has never experienced it, or one who has gone through it and ended up hurt, but it’s all a journey. If you have someone in front of you whom you see as having endless potential to assist you in the building of something great, it just may be worth it.

Written by Essence Mason


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