Relationship Must-Haves

I, myself, have had my share of relationships and overtime, I have learned that there are certain things a relationship just cannot survive without. Many of the things are common but knowing and actually practicing are two completely different stories.

Respect is at the top of the list. Holding each other in high regards and choosing to not make your significant other feel less than under any circumstances to come is important. With the showing of true respect, you can expect certain things to not happen in your relationship that may otherwise embarrass you or test your bond. Having respect for yourself is also important because this sets the bar for anyone who enters your life. They’ll learn to appreciate you on a level, of which you want and feel you deserve to be appreciated. 

Respect almost falls hand-in-hand with honesty, but sometimes people make mistakes and lies slip from the mouths of people whom we love (and sometimes even our own). Being able to share all things, good or bad, brings ease to the relationship and encourages a tighter bond. 

Trust is also important. We have enough issues to worry about as individuals that it’s almost too much to have to look over another person. Knowing that you can turn your head and the love still remains is a really good feeling. While there could definitely be a chance that you don’t know everything, believing that anything not right will come to light can help to maintain your sanity. As long as you’re doing your part, all is well. Knowing how much you’re able to love, knowing that love can always go either way, is a valuable lesson in itself. 

Compromise is sure to come up as a relationship grows. Being willing to give and rearrange certain aspects surrounding your way of living shows growth and your willingness to love. Compromise isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t mean missing out on your happiness. It’s about meeting your significant other at a midpoint where both of you can be equally happy and it proves how invested the two of you are in the relationship. 

Love is the foundation of a relationship and all of the things above are sprouts of that foundation. They may seem small but when it comes to longevity and happiness, these things play key roles. They offer as much success as each partner is willing to work for.

Written by Essence Mason


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