Hey guys! It’s March, so this month we’re getting in tune with how music makes us feel. It can be used as a release, an escape, or even just a pastime. There is never a time that music doesn’t affect my mood. Therefore, I wanted to start a conversation with you all, my peers, because we all listen to or make music, but do we ever think about why?

I didn’t realize how much music affected me until I was probably like 18. One night I was at home in a foul mood, so I went up to my room, locked the door, and turned on some music to drown out the negative energy. I believe ‘Excuse Me Miss’ by Chris Brown came on and all of a sudden, I was singing along and imitating the moves from the video- completely over whatever I’d previously been pissed about. I’m a sucker for a cute R&B song that can get me out of a funk! 

So yeah! This month’s views, vibes, and feels are all about music-our affinity for it and our feelings about it! We’re talking about the nostalgic memories we recount based on the soundtracks of our lives, we’re rapping and singing along to some classics, some bangers, and some low-key joints that I love, and we’re reading about how you can use music as a tool for expression and connection. To go along with the theme of the month, we will also be introducing you to up-and-coming artists via the Artist Spotlight. Tune in every week and please don’t hesitate to weigh in on the poll of the month!




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