A Quote From Nick Mills

Nick Mills

About the power of music in relation to love:

“I would personify love as being a car. Imagine, for one second, that love was the best vehicle in the world. Shiny, drop top, chrome wheels, powerful engine, leather bucket seats, bright headlights, custom paint job, etc.; the most beautiful car you’ve ever seen in your life and it was yours to keep. You could drive it everyday, any place in the world but the only catch was, it didn’t have a radio. How fun would the car really be? If you couldn’t drop the top and drive down a scenic route blasting your favorite song, or one that’s fitting for the mood, how enjoyable would the car still be? After the glitz and glamour fade, after the astonishment of owning the most beautiful vehicle in the world fades away, what will keep the energy alive? Music will. Nothing but that radio can give you a soundtrack to your emotions.

Music is so important to me because though love can exist without it, I don’t believe anyone would want it to. Music leaves emotional stamps on our hearts for various moments of our life that we will never let go of because of it.

In retrospect, I would actually make an argument that music in many ways can be love. Or simply put, music enhances love. I could talk for hours about this topic.”

The best part about the process of creating a song:

“The best part about the process of crafting a song is probably the writing stage. It’s always been therapeutic for me as an artist. That feeing of perfectly expressing yourself through words on paper, is indescribable. But the feeling of listening back once the song is complete trumps any feeling in the world too. It would be a tie between those two stages-the writing and the listening after recording.”








Nick Mills dream+royale


Website: www.nickmillsmusic.com


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