Whether things are good or bad, whether you’re a person with an extremely busy schedule or not, you come to understand how necessary it is to have balance in your life. Every person needs and very much deserves an outlet to help lighten the load of constant responsibility and/or the ups and downs of their emotions. Everyone needs that chill place.

I found the path to my chill place very early on. There was something about the music and the dancing in the living room on Friday evenings that stuck with me. I would listen non-stop to many songs-especially those that were released in the ’90’s because that’s when I was coming up. All of the emotions I heard and felt from the speakers that sat inside my living room were unbelievable.

As a child, I just needed to feel the music. As an adult, I still want to feel it, but there are issues and circumstances that we become exposed to as we grow older, and we just need peace. We want a second to not feel it all. When I get into those moments, I find myself just wanting to hear the tunes most fitting to my mood. I end up feeling anyway, but much better, of course. It’s all because of music and its energy, and its ability to make me identify with what it is that is playing.

Written By Essence Mason


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