Musician Spotlight: Quantum Split

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A couple weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a listening session of a band whose sound includes elements from Rock to R&B. I walked in not knowing what to expect. I sat and watched as Quantum Split performed three songs from their catalog, one being “One Man.”
The band explained “One Man” to be a track about the push and pull factor of those whom you come into contact with, and went deeper into explaining how important it is to rise up and be the boss of your own life because when you do, there is a level of power that lives within you that allows you to potentially dictate the way things will play out in the future.
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The messages in Soleil, Ivan, Anthony and Adrian’s music were already speaking to me so I decided to ask what the name Quantum Split meant to them as a group. Infinite possibilities…Freedom to be one’s self both on and off camera. Quantum Split sang of the power of strength and of the freedom to be yourself, and their captivating energy definitely encourages thought on the topics they speak so passionately about.


Instagram: quantumsplit


Written by Essence Mason

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