A Quote From Ana November

anano3About the power of music in relation to love:

“There’s a song out there somewhere that is sharing with the world the way you feel, whether or not you’ve even come to terms with it.”

The best part about the process of creating a song:

“To be able to craft what it is you have to say in your own creative way is a really good feeling. There are so many songs that cover the same subject, that tell the same story but discovering what your take on the story will be almost feels magical. Once you’ve found that artist or that writer within yourself, you sort of let your passion for music guide you into the hearts and minds of people waiting to relate to what you have to say, in the exact manner, in which you will deliver it. If there is anything out there that is for the people and by the people, music is it.”


Website: www.itsananovember.com


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