Mothers Of The World

Many women have come and gone, leaving their mark on the world. From the inventors to those who have been heavily influential to the younger generations through their various methods of outreach, we can agree that there have been many who are worth being noted. But what about those living right next us, right under the same roof, lying in the next room after a long day’s work? What about those that haven’t received worldwide recognition, but are highly deserving?

I, myself, am into music. As a child, I looked up to the people who were into what I was into, creatively. I still do. However, I was so focused on that single aspect that everything else happening around me didn’t seem as inspirational. It’s a bit different when you’re older and have had the chance to take a step back.

I couldn’t quite remember the winters when I had just enough fabric on my back to keep me warm; or the day I came home from summer camp and took part in my first of many fire escape barbecues, just because. I couldn’t recall all the fun moments during trips in Orlando, Florida as a child. All the details weren’t easy to remember because it was all so frequent. They didn’t stand out because life was sort of an easy living experience in the sense that I didn’t necessarily want for anything. Her triggers for the smiles on the faces of my sister and I were effortless. This is the very reason why mothers should always be highlighted. 

To show appreciation to mothers this month is to show that the hard work does not go unnoticed. A spotlight will continue to shine for hardworking women who contribute to the growth of young boys and girls everywhere, no matter the scale.

Written by Essence Mason


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