Here is another mixed media piece by Bryan Garcia titled Wallflower. Read about it below!

In the middle of making these pieces (this and Divinity), I began reading a novel called Herland by feminist author Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The novel is about how three men plan to explore this country that is said to only have women. These men are attracted to this land because they think is is biologically impossible to sustain an entire race of people without men. They all go to the island with different intentions, one of whom fantasizes about having a swarm of woman constantly around him stroking his ego. They end up learning that they have entered a civilization of women who have sustained their own language and culture for thousands of years with no use for men. The three very straight, probably white, men are forced to learn about these women in such a society. I won’t give anything else away.

I wanted to portray the power of the body of a woman. Immediately, I began cutting out body parts from fashion magazines, flowers, and even looked up feminist artists. I caught myself. I realized that I was being the three guys in Gilman’s novel. They were naive, had their expectations and their own agenda with fabrications of what people should be. My question then became, what does it mean to be a woman? I took a look inward and really thought about the role of women in my life and in society today. By no means am I trying to speak for any woman, this piece represents my process in understanding womanhood and myself.




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