I am standing in the center

of the ocean

heart open amongst these

glorious creatures speaking endless remarks of Love.

And I am blessed to call, All of them,

my sisters,

they rise and I rise along with.

In each of their eyes I see the sun, a million suns

and am reminded of my power as these suns shower their light

into me.

As I look into She

I am reminded that she is me

and I feel unstoppable

with these energies

amassed and shared

amongst us

Magical Women and I

and I am blessed to be


I am blessed to walk the world

with the gift of my heart

and my womb

my Love, my giving of Life, my Living.

I will consume myself with it

and let it burst out of me, all anyone can see when they even glance my way.

Love Emanates

so I assure them to be Love as well,

Effortless Now.

It is natural.

Time slips out of existence

like it used to be

Just feeling.

And knowing nothing.

Just feeling this ocean around me

As I float in bliss In this moment,

Forever here.

In love with these moments, this


that is all there is.

And this magic Mother of an ocean that holds me with its gentle Love.

How it

Sways me

Into the light

I am floating. Or…

am I sinking?

It makes no difference now.

Written by Éva-Milan Zsiga


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