May’s here!!! This month is all about ‘Testing the Waters.’ You all know how it gets when it starts getting warm again. We want to start testing the waters with new (or more) people again, because there are oh so many options right in front of us! Especially if you’re from NYC, you know exactly what I mean. All of the cuties, girls and guys alike, come out of the woodworks and you just want to know whether you can vibe with them or what. But is it about, quality or quantity? I don’t know, that’s for you to decide!

Regardless, you all will be able to enjoy the roundtable, views, superviews, vibes, and feels surrounding dating, mingling, getting-to-know some, getting rid of others, and more. When summer is on its way- I know I get a little (okay, a lot) happier, more optimistic, and I’m just out here- even more excited about life and what’s to come! Check out how we’re testing the waters all month long!




One Reply to “LOVE CHANA: MAY 2016”

  1. Hello love the site. Looks dope. I was asked to contribute a piece to this months theme of “Cuffing Seasons End” hope you like and enjoy it and can relate.


    “It’s hard to stay focus when the feelings ain’t the same, I look back missing spontaneous sex, seductive banter, but nothin but loneliness sets in cuffed at the wrist, I tryn resist

    Floating amongst bouncing waves, as cute gazes flirt my way, the fire of lustful freedoms unknown swell between my legs

    An excitement sourly missed but weighed by the heavy bracelets of a situationship shipwrecked so I jump ship, fun it was but in the cold I was alone so the comfort of your sex I called my home,

    The cold emotion stifling, in summer’s sweet suffocating heat melts the emotional links weighing my conscious, I can’t help thinkin of fun playing with this and that, as far the eye can see, diving into the sea of sun dresses, the claps and jiggles of cheeks, beauty and pleasure I seek vast is the freedom I’ve been bequeathed,

    So into the deep blue waters I desired to be, free to spread my prowess amidst the beach bathing in the waves of summers cool lusting heat.” – M. Jones


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