With It If You Are: How To Find Out If The Feeling Is Mutual

Finding out if someone is as interested in you as you are, them can be a little tricky. Flat out asking may feel like too bold a move on your part, because rejection can be a horrible feeling. However, you can’t spend forever wondering where the other person’s head is. You have to know for sure so that if there IS a chance at love for the two of you, your timing is perfect.

You’ve obviously been communicating with the person in one way or another so the one suggestion that will be the test of mutual feelings is the two of you spending time alone-you being the one to take the initiative at asking and then planning.
Understand that the person’s decision to join you on the outing doesn’t necessarily mean they’re interested in you on a romantic level; it could very well just mean that they enjoy your company. The setting and your approach during the outing is what will give you a little insight as to how they really feel about you.
The key is to plan an event that allows for personal time (for instance, the movie theater is a no-no). A round of pool or mini golf could be a great idea because you can be playful and sort of judge their responses to your words and actions. Being yourself and watching whether the energy you’re giving out is being reciprocated is key. What happens after that day will tell it all via communication and any further initiative on their part. When you take matters into your own hands, and in a subtle way, you get results and ultimately, you get the answers you want.
Written by Essence Mason

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