Summertime Fine, Baby Bye: Breaking Up For Honest Reasons

Summertime is approaching and those who haven’t been in a relationship for a long time are probably ready to get back out there and mingle. Those who have been locked down for some time probably feel as though they deserve a break. In both cases, freedom to play is more attractive than anything and breaking things off with the other person is something that HAS to happen. Things like this don’t always play out well due to the reasons being given for the break-up or the lack of an actual break-up, but it doesn’t ever have to be complicated.

There’s something about the summertime that encourages some individuals to want to detach themselves from any situation that involves emotional ties. Going on to explore other options and fantasies at another person’s expense is unfortunate for that other person but it occurs often.

The truth of the matter is, it takes someone a lot longer to deal with the confusion of emotions and their own worthiness than it does for them to accept a straight answer. Everyone has  the right to know whether or not the person they’re dealing with is just simply not ready to commit to them at that particular point in time.

The thought of your man’s eyes following the tresses of a woman who is not you, or your lady’s hand tracing the six-pack of some other male is nothing easy to take in, ever. However, it saves time and the chance of a hurt that feels like forever. In the end, that honesty of not wanting to be there and leaving before it’s too late, will be respected. If later in life, the relationship has a chance of being revisited, the trust is not broken. Credit to honesty and the way things can work out with the use of it has to be given for these reasons, alone.


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