It’s been a long time, but I’m back with another video to create more transparency between you guys and myself! Let’s keep this conversation going via comments, artistic responses, etc. Do you put your career first or is love your thing? Let me know!




2 thoughts on “LOVE CHANA: JULY 2016

  1. It depends on what phase of life and growth you’re already in. I met my significant other at work 5.5years ago. He was recently 23, I was soon to be 24. We were very career oriented, work is what drew us together. We put our career first in some senses. In a lot of senses. Fast forward to now we have (almost) 2 children I’ll be giving birth to our 2nd this month. We definitely put love first now. But that’s cuz it’s beyond just the relationship it’s a whole family we are concerned about. In the same regard our careers are important to give us the life style we want it takes a lot of balance and work. It’s not as effortless as it once was. In conclusion I say let ur career drive u, people love to see passion in you. Let it take u as far as it can and then when it’s time to let live chat drive you hand over the keys.

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    1. I love this response, Reema!! You bring up some awesome points, I think the key is deffffinitely balance! Thank you and congratulations on your pregnancy/new baby!!!


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