Summer Cleaning: Eliminating Everything You Don’t Need

It is a new season and for many, new seasons symbolize new beginnings. While change is expected, some people have yet to realize just how much of a responsibility they hold when it comes to that positivity entering their lives.
At this particular time, summer cleaning is the task at hand. Letting go of some of the things one is accustomed to is not the easiest thing to do, but at the same time, it’s something you are unlikely to regret. It doesn’t just involve the things taking place right in front of you either; summer cleaning includes everything that has the ability to hold even the slightest impact on you and your well-being.
The home is always a great place to start. Your bedroom might be the place you where you spend the least time, but it is where you go to unwind, and it is the environment that sets the tone when you wake up in the morning. Getting rid of clothing you haven’t worn in over two years and old papers that have no importance is a starting point. From there, you can start to remove items that may be attached to not-so-good memories, or things you just know that it’s time to dispose. The more you let go, the easier the process becomes. Remember, you’re going for a clutter- and stress-free environment, and all things in the way of that must go.
The next thing on your list to evaluate during summer cleaning is your circle. Whether or not you realize it, the people around you have a huge impact on your life. While some may be great at encouraging your growth and playing a positive role, some are probably dead weight and it may not even be intentional. Some people are just not for you at a certain point in your life. Once you’re able to see and let go, you’re able to feel the difference. The jealous, the selfish, those content in the same space you both were in ten years ago are obviously of no help to your growth as an individual.
Your occupation has a big impact on your energy. Not being where you want to be career-wise is one thing. With this issue, you can take the necessary steps to get to your desired position over time. Working in a hostile environment-that’s a big issue all on its own. Things you expect to not happen in the workplace such as gossip, down-talk, and the little things that create an uninviting atmosphere do indeed take place. Stress should be avoided at all costs and if you can find something that does better for your mental than your current situation, it’s probably what you need.
When it comes to summer cleaning, the little things you might think don’t matter, matter more than you know. Everything around you affects you and it is your job to become an expert at weeding out what brings you down. From there, you’re able to appreciate and enjoy the small things, and the people that were meant to bring you joy all along.
Written by Essence Mason

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