Love And Career: The Struggles of the Balancing Act

When it comes to having love and a career, most people will probably tell you that you can’t have both at the same time. For some, there’s going to be more focus placed on one over the other depending on what they feel is right for them as an individual at the time.

Timing may play an enormous role in whether being able to balance both works for you. Everyone has goals when it comes to different aspects of their lives and there are certain things that are necessary to the fulfillment of these long-term plans. If you’re feeling down about your career, how can you really expect to give so much of yourself to a person when your energy is obviously needed elsewhere?

Giving that effort in both areas when one or the other is rocky isn’t the easiest task. However, while it may make things easier, you don’t have to have it all together. Being on an uphill road in one aspect can definitely make things more manageable.

Both your love relationship and your career are big parts of your life. Both require time and plenty of effort. That sacrifice doesn’t have to necessarily feel like a sacrifice when understanding, upward movement, and willingness are already in the works!

Written by Essence Mason


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