getting lost

Isn’t it so beautiful yet so knowingly unfortunate to get lost in someone? Why unfortunate, you ask? Well, we all know (or want to know) the feeling of being with someone that makes you so happy 83% of the time that you couldn’t care whether anyone else is around. That’s the knowingly unfortunate part – this person makes you so happy that you religiously nurture this relationship while you put the others on the back-burner.

I remember a time when I once got so lost in this guy that a bunch of my priorities got all jacked up. He started to outweigh the things that would actually get me closer to reaching my goals. Looking back now, that was totally my fault. But I don’t regret it because man was it beautiful! We didn’t have to do anything spectacular when we were together, it was all about enjoying each other’s company. Now, however, I am most certainly learning to keep my goals at the top of my to-do list and not to let anyone else be my only source of happiness.

In the words of our First Lady Michelle Obama:

“There is no boy cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education.” (or your occupation!)

Written by Chana


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