Coming In With Sense Of Self: How To Not Lose Yourself In Someone Else

Being in love is great. Going on a journey where you don’t know where you’ll end up, but you don’t care because you’re with the one you adore-it must be an amazing feeling. Losing yourself along the road, however, is not such a good thing.

Romantic relationships require a lot of nurturing and a lot of giving. Unfortunately some people put so much relationship responsibility on themselves that they forget about their personal lives. They find themselves scheduling their own life entirely around their partner’s life, sacrificing personal, friend, and family time for more time with their mate, and straying off the path toward their personal progression. That last part has to be the biggest mistake one could make.

Knowing who you are can take many years and experiences, but knowing your worth allows you to be in love without losing track of you. Being able to become greater as an individual is important because you’re able to move along in confidence whether your relationship continues or it fails. It gives you the opportunity to accomplish what you’re after regardless of any obstacles you may encounter.

While being in love may be nice, losing yourself in it can be a big setback. Focusing on yourself in addition to that love doesn’t take away from your relationship and you will pretty much always be okay. It’s the key to a healthy mental space, and two healthy mental spaces surely make for a better relationship than if one or both individuals are unsure at their core.

Written by Essence Mason


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