Knowing Who To Get “Wild” For

Entering the intimacy stage with someone can be tough for some people. At times, there’s that tiny question of how far one should go. It is said that not every person you lay with deserves your all and that may very well be true.

Leaving your partner with something to long for is always good. It is probably the safest way to go about it – giving just enough so they know you appreciate them is a start. If you’re having sexual relations with someone whom you plan to be with for a while, there’s no use in rushing. A little trick here and a little kiss there, and the next time will have them excited for future explorations.

Maybe the connection is just what it is. The chemistry between you and your partner may be so intense that you just can’t help yourself. If you’re both equally willing to do things outside the box for one another, you’ll probably feel the utmost satisfaction after every single experience and who doesn’t want that?

Now, if you say you’re just out to have fun, be sure that you are just out to have fun. Knowing what you can handle emotionally is important when transitioning into the physical stage. You never want to regret doing something for a person who did not deserve it.

Knowing what you’re into and being prepared for the possible aftermath can be your answer as to when and who to get wild for. It all comes down to having an understanding of who you’re dealing with, the situation the two of you are in, and what you feel you would be able to handle after the moment has passed.

Written by Essence Mason

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