I’ve Been Told I’m A Prude In Bed!

Have one or more of your sexual partners jokingly called you a “prude in bed?” Have you been told that your choices during intercourse are not as pleasing as they could be? If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably been feeling a little insecure during your intimate encounters. Believe it or not, there are different styles that work for different people, depending on a number of things. It may not necessarily be you.

Sometimes it takes a certain someone to open you up and get you to try new things. Sex can be more of an emotionally and spiritually charged act for some people and if the comfort is not there, those limits will not be pushed. It can also be a situation where you’re less experienced so you don’t feel like you’ve reached your full potential in the sheets just yet.

Some people just are who they are, sexually. If you feel content with how you perform during sex, there’s nothing wrong with that. All it takes is you finding someone whose taste is similar to yours so that you both can achieve mutual pleasure.

It is very possible that you’re aware you haven’t yet met your full potential. If you feel like you’re missing out on some unknown satisfaction, you can always try relaxation and going with the flow. Refraining from living in your head during sex can go a long way, but you won’t know this for sure until you’ve tried it.

Some people are into everything and some, not too much. And then there are some who just haven’t gotten there yet. This can all be for various reasons. A prude? Maybe you’re not. Perhaps there are things that work perfectly for you; maybe there’s a lot more left for you to explore.


Written by Essence Mason


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