Can You Handle Casual Or Premature Sex?

Not everyone is built for acts such as casual or early sex with a person. Unfortunately, some people don’t find this out until after the deed has been done.

Everyone responds to situations differently. What a lot of people fail to realize is, the way they behave outside of sex may sometimes determine the way they’ll act when they begin to have sex with a new person, or with someone the have loose ties to.

I, myself happen to be very in tune with my emotions and the feelings of others. I am aware that I love a connection and am appreciative of a greater bond. I would want quality time and I wouldn’t want to have to long for conversations that go beyond the surface. For those reasons (along with the fact that the sex would probably not be enjoyable to me if I wasn’t basically in love with the person), I would definitely be out.

Knowing your wants and needs really helps you to determine what you can handle when it comes to situations such as causal or premature sex. You want to be fulfilled completely and being honest with yourself about how you feel can help you avoid making certain mistakes that do the opposite for you.


Written by Essence Mason


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