Spill or Forget It

Getting into disagreements with a partner can sometimes feel like it’s going to be a make or break type of deal. I would aways push my feelings to the side in the midst of the moment as I thought of the ways I’d get them back in the future. Ridiculous, but it meant that I wouldn’t have to talk about my feelings right then and there. Furthermore, mulling over what really pissed me off would eventually cause me to go off on the person in the near future over something extremely petty. At the same time, avoiding confrontation also caused me to overthink and assume because I didn’t have the courage to ask simple questions like, ‘why did you do that?’

As of recently, I’ve been seeing someone who’s more vocal about their feelings, which has made me feel more inclined to express mine as well. Honestly, I’ve found that it is way more conducive to getting back on the same page.

When misunderstandings and disagreements occur, you have the right to have an attitude and be mad if that’s how you feel – but it’s also helpful to ask questions and make sure your partner knows they’ve pissed you off as soon as possible. If you wait it out, it’s definitely grounds for your partner to dismiss the issue or simply just forget about it. If this happens, you can definitely expect the issue to come up again in the future.

How do you and your partner deal with disagreements?


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