Unfulfilled Or Simply A Nag?

We, as people, want what we want and most of us won’t stop until we get it. How exactly does this work when it comes to romantic relationships and what you want from your partner? If your mate hasn’t exactly been responsive to your requests, could it be that it’s time to seek fulfillment elsewhere or are you just doing a little bit too much?

There is a thin line between nagging and simply needing more. A relationship is supposed to be about building a foundation that is beneficial to both partners. This, of course, requires compromise but the good thing is, you’re able to move forward and you become closer to where you want to be as a couple.

Compromise doesn’t always come easy and you have to ask yourself if what you consider a necessity is as big of a deal as you’re making it out to be. If it’s something you cannot live without, there’s no doubt you should fight for it. However, if your partner isn’t budging, there may be a serious issue there.

There is a difference between needing something that will give you satisfaction in your relationship and being a nag about things that (you will later find out) were never really important. Is the pressure you’re putting on your partner and the strain that is likely being put on your relationship as a result of this worth it? If it isn’t, it would be much easier to just let it go. If it is, decisions have to be made that, in the long run, assure satisfaction for the both of you.


Written by Essence Mason


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