The Pressure To Be Perfect

Generally, when people think of love, they think ‘easy.’ Childhood fairytales and other information placed in front of us in our earlier years have conditioned us to believe that relationships should be perfect. The downside of this belief is that when things go wrong, a lot of us become extremely discouraged. There comes a time when we have to accept what’s real.
If you’ve been around anyone for a long amount of time, you know that things aren’t always one-hundred percent smooth. If not a full out argument, you can expect that some disagreement about even the smallest thing is bound to occur. Growing older means growing into yourself a little bit more. You take on certain beliefs, certain ways of living, and blending your style of living with someone else’s isn’t always easy.
Knowing that love can be worth it even after the hardships is how you’re able to overcome it all. All it takes is a discussion between you and your mate about relationship goals and the two of you agreeing that you’re actually on the same page. When you’re fighting for the same win in a collaborative manner, there is absolutely no losing.
A lot of us want what we see and what we see is not always authentic. It is important to understand that. Relationships take work and while things may never be perfect, pushing through together will bring you close enough.


Written by Essence Mason


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