Passion Series: Slash Generation

Ever since I’ve been young, I’ve always gone through phases of what I wanted to do/be in the future. First, I wanted to be a teacher, then I wanted to just be a kid, then  a photographer, next a DJ, and now…I don’t have to choose just one! Why? Because I am a millennial and you know what else they call us millennials? The slash generation.

It’s not unusual to see a bio on the gram that says something like: photographer/actor/librarian/life coach. Now those career choices may seem totally random or unrelated and I agree, they are. However, it is definitely possible to successfully pursue all of them. Why? Because we have several passions and most likely need multiple sources of income so why not put all of your skills and interests to use and make them lucrative?

Here, we have the second episode of the Passion Series featuring Fabe Robinson. We discuss how he decided to leave his Wall Street career to pursue his passion of acting across the country in sunny Los Angeles. We didn’t only stick to talking about acting though. He also sings and models (and has plans of running the country in the future). Enjoy our talk down below and let us know if you can relate and/or feel inspired!

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xo, chana


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