this one’s for the ladies

The Power of Peppermint Tea: The Premenstrual Syndrome Edition

Written by Essence Mason

Around that time of the month, most of us women deal with PMS symptoms. Headaches, moodiness-all things liable to mess up our day as well as those within our vicinity are happening, and it’s all out of our control. Sure, we can use pills as a quick cure, but with all this new information about the benefits of all of these natural foods, herbs, etc., who really wants to?

Throughout my years of menstruation, I have tried numerous treatments for symptoms (such as cramping and bloating) and just last year, I found something that works better for me than anything else. It isn’t new, it isn’t foreign; it’s peppermint tea.

If taken daily for one week straight prior to the start of menstruation, you may notice a difference in the amount of bloat you experience during that time of the month. For those who experience heavy pressure in the abdomen, peppermint tea may ease that feeling a bit as well.  

Cramping is a symptom some of us just can’t seem to avoid and pills are becoming more and more frowned upon because of all the available information regarding the benefits of what’s available to us, and what is natural. Different kinds of teas are good for different symptoms. In addition to helping with bloat and moodiness, peppermint tea can also be helpful when it comes to cramping. From my personal experience, I haven’t experienced cramping since I started drinking peppermint tea regularly.

Natural food and beverage products are worth a try when searching for remedies to symptoms related to PMS. It all comes down to learning what works for you and your body via consultation and information. Please let us know in the comments section what you do to ease your symptoms!  

*Disclaimer: Different treatments and regimens work for different people.


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