Mood Playlist

Since it is music month, I am going to leave you all with a list of songs you may want to listen to when you're in specific moods/situations. Hopefully I'm putting you onto some new joints, and simultaneously helping you heal with these clickable tunes: are you realizing that you're better than your current relationship? …



You all know during February, we celebrate Black History Month and Valentine's Day! So what's better than a little romantic, reflective R&B (and a little hip-hop) mix full of tracks from the 90's and early 2000's? Love, Chana

The Start of Something New

Stepped into the room and set it ablaze As I stir my coffee and think of the ways... To form a connection -Start a conversation- The words "good morning" Find their way from your tongue To my ear And just like that A new day began Written by Matthew Velazquez