Hey y'all! Here's another video. I'll be dropping at least one video per week so this one here is about creativity! Creating even when you feel as if you have several ideas circulating and you can't execute any of them quickly enough. I'm telling you how I deal. Check it out below. 🙂



Around April of this year, my sister and I happened to be online looking at all kinds of travel deals and amongst those options, we found a trip worth taking outside of North America. Where did we decide on? ICELAND!!! Iceland was absolutely amazing. I'll never forget the black sand beaches, the Blue Lagoon, or …

LC Round 10

Hey y'all!!! This month we're looking back at 2016 since it is now coming to a close. Stay tuned. Join in on the conversation! Has 2016 thrown you curveballs? Has it taught you anything about love? How about humanity? Watch this group discuss how 2016 has treated them in HD below!! 🙂

LC Round 9

OH HELLO! This month, we're celebrating a lot of you guys'/girls' favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!! It's the scariest holiday of them all, so we decided to use this roundtable to delve into our vulnerabilities and fears within life and, of course, love. What are you afraid of?