Around April of this year, my sister and I happened to be online looking at all kinds of travel deals and amongst those options, we found a trip worth taking outside of North America. Where did we decide on? ICELAND!!! Iceland was absolutely amazing. I'll never forget the black sand beaches, the Blue Lagoon, or …



'Some of the most difficult things about being in a committed relationship is how you have to kind of face who you are, in a way, also. You know? If you’re in the relationship long enough, you’re gonna run into problems that have to do with how you affect the other person. You have to …


'The most difficult thing about being in a committed relationship is… not being appreciative of what your partner is doing in the relationship - the sacrifices that they may make in regards to what they do for you and towards you. Because once you start to not appreciate what I do, we have an issue.'


'[The best way to handle a disagreement with your mate is] communication. Instead of us just being upset and walking out on each other, we just have to sit there [and talk it out] - we have to meet in the middle.'


Do people think too much during sex? Do we actually just feel and be and just do what feels right? In vibing out - we might be more receptive to doing [new] things and trying things.