Coming In With Sense Of Self: How To Not Lose Yourself In Someone Else

Being in love is great. Going on a journey where you don’t know where you’ll end up, but you don’t care because you’re with the one you adore-it must be an amazing feeling. Losing yourself along the road, however, is not such a good thing. Romantic relationships require a lot of nurturing and a lot of… Read More Coming In With Sense Of Self: How To Not Lose Yourself In Someone Else

I am standing in the center of the ocean heart open amongst these glorious creatures speaking endless remarks of Love. And I am blessed to call, All of them, my sisters, they rise and I rise along with. In each of their eyes I see the sun, a million suns and am reminded of my… Read More

Dead Flowers

The smell of flowers that never grew And all the love I never knew No longer hold the appeal they used to Seeds I planted in memories Have grown nothing but weeds So I’d rather water the tree I know I can be Than tend to flowers I will never see   Written by Matthew Velazquez

Inspiration, Hypersexualization, & Formation

I asked my powerful, informative, opinionated friend Cristel T. to answer a few questions on women since she is a woman who contributes to the fight for women’s rights on the daily. Read below!  Think about a woman who inspires you, what makes her an inspiration? Courtesy of Google. The women that inspire me (because it just hit me how… Read More Inspiration, Hypersexualization, & Formation


Whether things are good or bad, whether you’re a person with an extremely busy schedule or not, you come to understand how necessary it is to have balance in your life. Every person needs and very much deserves an outlet to help lighten the load of constant responsibility and/or the ups and downs of their… Read More Escape