2016 ROUND UP!

Hey everyone! Been a minute, but I've decided to end the year on a note that I'd be proud of and that's a productive one! We're looking back at 2016 as a whole. I know it's extremely easy to look at these past 11 months as either good or bad, but I want all of …


LC Round 10

Hey y'all!!! This month we're looking back at 2016 since it is now coming to a close. Stay tuned. Join in on the conversation! Has 2016 thrown you curveballs? Has it taught you anything about love? How about humanity? Watch this group discuss how 2016 has treated them in HD below!! 🙂 https://youtu.be/JJVjT06MwHU

LC Round 9

OH HELLO! This month, we're celebrating a lot of you guys'/girls' favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!! It's the scariest holiday of them all, so we decided to use this roundtable to delve into our vulnerabilities and fears within life and, of course, love. What are you afraid of? https://youtu.be/yNInGWoIQ2U


'Some of the most difficult things about being in a committed relationship is how you have to kind of face who you are, in a way, also. You know? If you’re in the relationship long enough, you’re gonna run into problems that have to do with how you affect the other person. You have to …